ChefDance | ChefDance to Host the Sunday British Roast at BritWeek LA
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ChefDance to Host the Sunday British Roast at BritWeek LA

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ChefDance is back and ready to host the Sunday British Roast at BritWeek in Los Angeles, California on April 26th! Industry leaders and media personalities unite to celebrate the creative successes alongside future collaborations between Britain and the U.S. Guests will enjoy a smashing multi-course menu prepared by Food Network’s Chef Lovely Jackson, and a delicious beverage experience from the Snake Oil Cocktail Company.

While this event is invite-only, subscribers who follow the Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram pages are still in the running for special prizes and event invitations. Check back often for ways to win!


About BritWeek:

BritWeek’s mission is to create greater awareness of the many ways in which Britain and the US work closely together, and further build this relationship to advance business, the arts, and philanthropy in both of these thriving regions of the world.

Every Spring, BritWeek hosts a program of events that promotes British creativity, innovation and excellence in California across multiple categories including, film & television, music, art, fashion, design, retail, sport, philanthropy, business, and more. The events take place throughout Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco. This year, BritWeek expanded beyond California to the shores of Miami! The events attract support from thousands of people, including international celebrities as well as business and political leaders.

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