ChefDance | 4 Excuses To Co-Host Your Next Dinner Gathering
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4 Excuses To Co-Host Your Next Dinner Gathering

L to R: Mimi Kim, Chef Max Massimiliano, Monica Balli, DJ Paul Oakenfold, Chef Arturo Dori and Kenny Griswold

L to R: Mimi Kim, Chef Max Massimiliano, Monica Balli, DJ Paul Oakenfold, Chef Arturo Dori and Kenny Griswold

You can imagine our thoughts when Grammy nominated DJ and legendary producer Paul Oakenfold invited us to dinner, “Wow. OK. Who’s cooking? The DJ?”  On this beautiful night in L.A., Paul had placed his chef heart aside and left it to the professionals at Tuscan Bites to take care of our appetites. Man, were we amazed…

Not only did we enjoy a great multi-course menu, but hosting in this fashion seemed to be 100% fun and stress free. Though we never doubted Paul’s cooking ability, you can imagine the amazing conversation that took place instead of a fire…

For this occasion, our dear friend invited famed event planner Monica Balli and her team from Tuscan Bites (based in Italy) just to create an authentic Tuscan experience for us. It was truly a wonderful time from start to finish! Here are the four major reasons why you should co-host your next dinner gathering at home as well:

  1. To relax and enjoy your company! While everyone is looking forward to the meal to come, guests are sure to appreciate the time and energy you spend socializing with them outside of the kitchen. No more being the frantic host who runs back and forth at the sound of a timer, or frequently glances at their watch during conversations.  Yes, welcome to the party, finally!

  3. Get a true cookery lesson. Chefs Arturo Dori and Max Massimiliano arrived promptly with all fresh ingredients and cooking tools in tow, ready to put on a show. We especially loved those moments when the cooking duo enthusiastically answered our questions about technique, all while chopping and meticulously shaping our Chiocciole pasta.

  5. The meal will be awesome. If you’re working with professionals like Monica, rest assured that the culinary team and the menu will be unique and thoughtfully planned for the occasion. Be prepared to try new dishes and delicious renditions of the classics.  We’re still reminiscing on the insanely rich Frittelle Di Riso Fiorentine dessert – simply amazing.

  7. No restaurant politics. Waiting in line, bad service, crowded tables and overpriced cocktails are not of any concern when you host at home. It’s also a relief not having to worry about how long you can mix and mingle with the amazing company.  Yes, get up and dance if you want to, or as a proper guest of Paul Oakenfold knows, when the beat drops.

Below is just a taste of all of the delicious Tuscan inspired courses we enjoyed that evening. We fully embraced the moments of chatting, listening to each other’s stories, fine food, great wine and simply getting caught up in hysterics while Monica and Arturo took care of the rest.

Chef Arturo is one of the many talented chefs at Tuscan Bites who display a superb culinary expertise and passion for creating delicious meals. Previous events have also included the highly-sought after dessert creations of Silvana Vivoli, the #1 Gelato Maker in Italy!  To book your own Tuscan Bites event or for press inquiries, please contact Amy Malin at Trueheart Events at

Sting's "Message in a Bottle" red wine.

Sting’s own “Message in a Bottle” red wine.

Chiocciole alla norma!

Chiocciole alla norma!


Chef Max and Chef Arturo, live from the kitchen!

Frittelle Di Riso Fiorentine

Oh, how we loved the Frittelle Di Riso Fiorentine!



To book a Tuscan Bites culinary experience or for press inquiries, please contact Amy Malin at Trueheart Events at