ChefDance | ChefDance Sundance Celeb Bag Giveaway
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ChefDance Sundance Celeb Bag Giveaway


Because it’s important to look great between meals too!

Indulge like a celebrity ChefDance guest on getaway with this lavish beautification set. One lucky winner will be pampered by an entire skincare collection from Sampar, nail polish shades to suit any mood from Enamel Diction and Nupar, and 5(five) must-have Merimekko Tote bags. This set also includes a YBF cosmetics and brow tutorial with Endless Shea Butter Lip Balm and Silky Eye Pens.  Increase your chances of winning the ChefDance Sundance beauty bag, valued at $1113, through any of our affiliates listed below:

Enter as many times as you’d like! Sweepstakes ends April 15, 2015, so check back often for updates, and good luck!