ChefDance | A ChefDance Must-Try: Chef Parind Vora’s Smoked Muscovy Duck
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A ChefDance Must-Try: Chef Parind Vora’s Smoked Muscovy Duck

We’re still reminiscing on Chef Vora’s Smoked Muscovy Duck from the ChefDance 2015 dinner. Though quite elegant in name and presentation, we were surprised at how simple it was to prepare and could not wait to share his recipe with you.

The pairing with the tomatillo and goji berry chutney, along with the cheese-and-nettle grits, made for a sweet and savory thrill in every bite.

Mouth watering yet? You can still try Parind Vora’s bespoke dining experience at Restaurant Jezebel in Austin. For a limited time ChefDance readers can also enjoy 10% off their first order on all meats, poultry and seafood from the Premier Meat Company through April 23rd, 2015.

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