ChefDance | You Can Still Win Those Tickets to Dinner…
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You Can Still Win Those Tickets to Dinner…



THANK YOU to all who participated in the 2015 Dinner Giveaway Sweepstakes! Each of you played a big part in spreading the good (delicious) word online by tagging and sharing posts, pics and comments about ChefDance during the Sundance Film Festival.  We enjoyed seeing all of the fun you were having with food and friends!  If you did not win a dinner this year, you’re still in the running to grab GREAT prize packs and tickets to upcoming events…

Check back often for new weekly stories and continue to comment and share your favorite dining and entertainment tips through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and right here on We will keep you posted on future gatherings along with information on how to increase your chances to win something truly special!

2015 Winners – Congrats Again!

Becca O. (#ChefDance2015)

Megan S. (#ChefDance2015)

Jesse E. (#ChefDance2015)

Kara H. (#ChefDance2015)

Caitlin M. (#ChefDance2015)

Myles G. (#UberALLACCESS)

Megan M. (#UberALLACCESS)

Allison G. (#UberALLACCESS)

Erika H. (#UberALLACCESS)


Some of our winners enjoying themselves on site in Park City, UT:

MEgan Winners