ChefDance | Entertaining Tips that Won't Blow Your New Year's Resolution
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Entertaining Tips that Won't Blow Your New Year's Resolution

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution get in the way of your social life. You can eat healthy and exercise while entertaining at home and your guests will still have a great time. With the right menu and a few party games that keep you and everyone else moving, your goals will stay in sight.

Calorie conscious appetizers

Fitness Magazine’s Bruschetta recipe pairs fresh tomatoes and olive oil for a healthful, and tasteful topping to a small piece of Italian bread. Your body will absorb more of the antioxidants in the tomatoes when eaten with olive oil, which keeps your heart healthy.

Coming in at only 61 calories each, Skinny Kitchen’s Skinny Mini Reuben Appetizers taste like their grown-up, fat-filled relative but have only 2 grams of fat and take less than half an hour from prep to ready to eat.

After the appetizers disappear, bring out low calorie main dishes that look and smell sinful.

Guiltless main dishes

Try a new twist to chili by cooking a pot of White-Chicken Chili that takes away the winter’s chill without putting on extra weight. TheMayo Clinic’s recipe uses canned white chicken and white beans of your choice. Freshly chopped onions, carrots and celery add to the flavor, which will make this main dish a favorite year around.

Bring low-calorie Italian to the table with Food and Wine’s Linguine with Tomatoes, Baby Zucchini and Herbs. This healthy, vegetarian main dish takes less than an hour to prepare and fills your home with the smells of fresh Italian herbs. The experts atFood and Wine suggest serving a dry rosé to compliment the dish.

After dinner, get your guests up and moving with a few party games.

Smart fun and games

Smartphones and Ellen DeGeneres breathe new life into Charades with the smartphone app Heads Up. Players act out situations displayed on their smartphone or tablet while someone ties to guess the answer. You can download the app at iTunes or Google Play.

For a night of nostalgia, plan a retro dance party. Choose a decade and ask guests to wear clothes from that era and to bring their favorite dance songs. You can choose any decade you like. Try the Charleston from the 1920s or the Macarena from the 1990s. For the adventurous party planner, try a newer dance, like Twerking.

Create low-fat menus and play party games that make you move. You will meet your goal while eating great food and laughing with your friends.