ChefDance | 6 Apps Essential for Planning a New Year's Eve Party
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6 Apps Essential for Planning a New Year's Eve Party


Hosting a New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be stressful!  Visit iTunes or the Play Store, invite the crowd, and let your smartphone do the work. You will find apps for party planning, cocktail mixing and making finger foods to feeding your party of 40 to 100 guests. With the right apps, your party will last well into the New Year.

Planning the perfect party

Let professional party planner Liza Riviera Salta, plan your New Year’s Eve bash from your iPhone. Simple Soiree sends invitations, keeps track of RSVPs and creates to-do lists to save you time and organize your party. Simple Soiree takes the stress out of party planning so you can join your guests to ring in the New Year.

For keeping track of invitations, RSVPs and your budget, Pro Party Planner does it all. The Augmented Reality Module lets you place people and objects on a picture of the actual party room. This allows you to layout the buffet tables, bandstands and cocktail bars perfectly.

Drinks anyone?

Make drinks that impress your guests, find the best prices and the nearest liquor store with apps like Mixology for Android and iOS users. Mixology has other user-friendly features like the liquor cabinet, which lists the available ingredients and the drinks they will make. The app even teaches bartending terminology and techniques. Show off your Mixology skills by creating an original cocktail or using the vast database of cocktail recipes in the application.

Cocktail Flow, available for iOS, Android and Windows OS, has a huge library of cocktail recipes for experienced or new bartenders. Along with the recipes, step-by-step drink mixing instructions make the app a must for any bartender. You can also search for specific drinks by name, ingredients, base spirits or color.

Time to eat

To find the best appetizer and finger food recipes, turn to your smartphone and Epicurious’ application for Android and iOS. You can find recipes tested by professional chefs and home cooks using voice search. The app prepares shopping lists and gives step-by-step cooking instructions. You can make complex finger foods like Mini Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps or simple comfort appetizers like Pigs in a Blanket.

For menu planning, shopping lists and an endless source of recipes, the Paprika Recipe Manager, for iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook, tops the list of apps to keep. You can find and save recipes from almost anywhere on the web and sync data across all your devices. Paprika even offers Cloud storage with Paprika Cloud Sync.

Find recipes to feed 2 to 2,000 hungry diners using Paprika Recipe Manager. Serve up Crisp Chicken Wings with Chile-Lime Butter or Party Perfect Meatballs. The recipes and ideas never stop flowing.


Planning your New Year’s Eve party just got easier with the apps that take keep you organized. Welcome the New Year with great food and drinks.