ChefDance | Do it Yourself (DIY) Decorating and Dining Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining
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Do it Yourself (DIY) Decorating and Dining Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining


Restaurant autumn place setting








Keep entertaining on Thanksgiving Day fun by making your own decorations like beautiful centerpieces and unique seasoning holders. Then surprise your guests with new flavors infused in traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Set the mood with decorations your guests can contribute to, wonder about or eat.

Crafty Thanksgiving decorations 

Get the whole family to help make a centerpiece to adorn your Thanksgiving table. Find a leaf template online or draw leaves on fall colored cardstock.Write interesting facts about Thanksgiving on each leaf, have guests write what they are thankful for this year, or leave them blank and attach them to twigs. Put the leafy branches in a vase, bucket or a small jug for a beautiful centerpiece /Thankful Tree.

Make edible decorations to snack on all day and to put in goodie bags for guests to take home.

Season to taste

Put your sweet tooth to the test by setting out trays of Oreo Turkeys and Cookie Pilgrim Hats for a before, or after meal sweet treat. Kids and adults will love the adorable edible decorations found at Our Best Bites. At each place setting, add these ingenious little seasoning holders, found on Buzz Feed. Take the meat from a few walnuts, clean both halves of the all the shells. After they dry completely, pour in salt and pepper.

Fill the shells with seasonings and spices to complement your side dishes.

Pass the potatoes 

Counting calories during the holiday season challenges the will power of the most disciplined dieter. To keep the numbers lower and please the palettes of all, serve Healthy Potato Gratin with Herbs found at Food and Wine. On the table, the precisely stacked potatoes, based on a dish served at Restaurant Daniel, seem a shame to spoon. After the first bite, watch the stacks disappear.

Stacking potatoes for a savory appetizer or side dish continues withRosemary Sweet Potato Stackers found at Kim’s Healthy Eats. Serve them warm, topped with fresh parmesan, and chopped rosemary.

Try this turkey 

Serve a traditional roasted turkey for dinner or try this aromatic and richRoasted Turkey Roulade recipe. The Food Network’s Ina Garten prepares a rolled turkey filled with sausage, pine nuts and figs that come out moist and delicious.

Make a memorable Thanksgiving with do-it-yourself decorations and recipes that give traditional recipes new appeal.