ChefDance | Entertaining Between Breakfast and Lunch: Hosting a Brunch
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Entertaining Between Breakfast and Lunch: Hosting a Brunch









Brunch any day of the week brings friends and family together for a between breakfast and lunch get together. Make out-of-town guests feel appreciated by making them the guests of honor at your next brunch or expand your network by inviting friends who work in your industry.

Invite as many people as you feel comfortable cooking for. If you never cook for more than 7 to 10 guests, invite no more than 10 guests. Prepare as many dishes ahead of time as possible so you can mingle and enjoy conversation. Start the party with a beautiful, tasty drink.

Blood Orange-Pomegranate Mimosas

For this deep red drink, as found on the Eating Well website, you need blood orange juice, either freshly squeezed or store-bought. Use regular orange juice if your local stores do not carry blood oranges or juice. Add pomegranate seeds for health and flavor. Choose your favorite sparkling wine and mix all in a pitcher. Chill in the refrigerator for at least half an hour before serving.

Fruit smoothies make colorful and delicious brunch drinks. You can use fresh, seasonal fruit or frozen fruit for the drinks. Some packages have pre-sweetened fruit and you just mix the contents with milk.

Fresh smoothies, like the strawberry banana smoothies at, you will add ice, milk or water, yogurt, and sugar if desired. Blend in a blender on the highest setting until mixed to the right consistency.

Breakfast Brunch Ideas

You can put together a menu of everyone’s favorite breakfast dishes and make a few ahead of time.

Try a versatile Bacon and Eggs Casserole using this Taste of Home recipe. You can use bacon, ham or sausage for the meat and add a southwestern flavor by adding diced chilies or a little salsa. Slice any leftover casserole into squares for biscuit sandwiches or burritos.

Betty Crocker’s Quiche Lorraine recipe takes time to make but you and your guests will appreciate the effort. This Quiche comes out creamy and light with a beautiful crust covering crumbled bacon and cheese.

Potluck Brunch Ideas

Invite friends for a brunch potluck and let your guests bring a dish from your list. A traditional potluck menu will fill everyone up and take some of the work away from you. Your potluck menu can include: