ChefDance | 5 Dishes that Celebrate the Colors of Fall
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5 Dishes that Celebrate the Colors of Fall



Celebrating cooler weather must include friends and family. Plan the last garden party of the season or celebrate the fall with a picnic in the park where the changing colors surround you. Make the food as colorful as the leaves with these five dishes that celebrate the colors of fall.

Entertaining in the garden

Some of the flowers and shrubs may have wilted away, but the color in the trees make up for the loss. Take your entertaining to the garden by creating a sitting or dining area with tables and chairs. A tablecloth in reds, yellows and gold with a bowl filled Arugula and Romaine Salad with Grapes, as found at All Recipes. The colors pop with the greens of the romaine leaves covered with the dark red grapes, light green cucumbers and red onion topped with Balsamic vinaigrette .

Next, serve Tomato Soup Shooters with Mini Grilled Cheese appetizers. Guests love the shot glasses filled with red tomato soup garnished with a tiny grilled cheese, as shown on the Celebrations website. They make a big impression on guests and you don’t have to worry about balancing soup bowls from the kitchen to the diners.

The entrée should take the chill out of the air while keeping with the fall colors theme of the party. Moosewood Italian Stuffed Portabellas, found at, warm the belly and look beautifully seasonal with the red peppers and cheesy topping. The versatile recipe can become your own with the addition of different cheeses like feta and cheddar. Try different vegetables like spinach or green and yellow peppers for color and flavor variety.

Drinks and desserts

Your drinks should please the eye and surprise the tongue with a cranberry twist. Fitting the occasion, Better Homes and Gardens presents Autumn Punch, which you can prepare for adults using white wine with a fruity bouquet or ginger ale for the under 21 crowd. Combine cranberry-apple juice with plums and the white wine or ginger ale. Chill for about 4-hours before serving to allow the flavors to mix.

If want a dessert, or snack to make your guests smile, try the Corny Cookie recipe found on the Spoonful website. These cute cookies are not only for children. For fall entertaining, serve these cookies before dinner as appetizers or after as dessert. They give a colorful blast to the table and countertops and give guests something silly to snack on during conversations.

Picnic at the park

Take your entertaining to the park for a free concert or a day of color watching. Pack your food in airtight containers and put it all in picnic baskets. Don’t forget silverware and insulated drinking cups.

For a romantic meal, spread a blanket on the ground and have an intimate meal. If you have a larger group, spread a tablecloth over a picnic table and a blanket on the ground so everyone has a choice.

Unpack and serve your diners the recipes you made for celebrating fall’s brilliant colors.