ChefDance | Find the Perfect Theme for Halloween Entertaining
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Find the Perfect Theme for Halloween Entertaining



Autumn offers a hint of the cold weather to come on the early morning breeze. With summer slipping away, the time to plan for Halloween ticks closer. Entertaining on the scariest night of the year needs some out-of-the-coffin ideas and we have a few suggestions to scare the creative monster in everyone to action.

Halloween Party Themes

For an evening with friends (adults only) choosing a theme comes first. The decorations, entertainment and food depend on the evening’s theme and you have only your imagination to limit the choices. A few ideas to get your brain going include:

– A classic masquerade ball

– A Barbarian feast

– Killers and victims from horror movies

– An Alfred Hitchcock movie

You can choose any theme that comes to mind and that your guests will want to attend. With your theme in mind, decorating and meal planning begin.

Decorating On A Budget

Working with or without a budget, decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Dollar stores and second-hand stores often have everything needed for any party at low cost. Buy or make a few theme-based decorations that will serve useful at the party. A smoking cauldron of punch surrounded by small plastic cups tastes great and doubles as part of the decoration.

You want the guests to enjoy the company and food so the bulk of your budget should go for creating your own Halloween menu.

Feast Like a Barbarian

Your recipes depend on your party theme. A masquerade ball calls for plates filled with appetizers, ladyfingers, and bowls of punch, with and without alcohol. A few fun appetizer ideas include:

Olive spiders found at All You, look like they want off the plate

Lady Fingers pastry as shown on the webpage Keep Recipes look real down to the dry, cracked fingernails

– Use dry-ice for boiling punch or a layer of fog ankle deep in common areas

If using the Barbarian theme or one similar, authenticity comes at dinnertime. For the main dish, cook Cornish Game hens. Serve a fresh tossed green salad, loaves of garlic bread and, just for fun, mashed potatoes

.Other entrees can include:

– Turkey legs

– Whole chickens guests tear apart with their hands

Chicken wings with black bean sauce that look like bat wings

– Leave the silverware in a drawer and let guests eat with their hands. Barbarians seemed to have fun eating this way and your guests will too.

You can serve foods that make less mess like, celery sticks, carrot sticks or chips and pretzels. You may find that the messier the food, the more fun guests have at dinner.

Keep your Halloween gathering fun and delicious by decorating minimally, serving foods that complement your party’s theme and surprising guests with theme inspired activities.