ChefDance | 3 Ideas for Entertaining on a Budget
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3 Ideas for Entertaining on a Budget


Wine Expert Stewart Levine Shares Tips on Hosting Events at Home

They always tell you to dress for the job you want, not the job you have; so why can’t the same principle apply to your next house party? Anyone who has hosted a gathering knows what it takes to throw a beautiful and memorable event, but necessities like decor, dishware and even food can get pricey and or over-the-top fast! We agree with ChefDance contributor and Wine Expert Stewart Levine, Youre not going to match an entire ballroom draped in white velvet, but it may give you some ideas.With a little online research we also found a few low-cost ideas to liven up the occasion! Here are our top 3 favorites:


Idea 1: Plant Life
Alternative: Imitation Grass

The grass is not always greener on the other side. You can easily glam up an outdoor or indoor space with imitation grass that looks and feels like the real thing.We suggest arranging as a whole turf or by the tile in areas that could use a bit of color – perhaps against concrete or even gravel stone. Home Depot Online sells by the square foot, starting at $2.48!

Idea 2: Swordfish Bruschetta
Alternative: Pan-Seared Fish Tacos

The combination of fresh veggies and perfectly seasoned seafood is always a win, but depending on the fish, can send your grocery bill sky high. Instead of dreaming about serving a perfectly grilled swordfish bruschetta appetizer, try making your own entre de fruits de mer with a twist! Try this quick and tasty recipe for Pan Seared Fish Tacos – also handheld and equally delicious! For large crowds, we suggest searing or grilling this up with fish you can buy in bulk like whiting or tilapia.

Idea 3: Marvelous Marble
Alternative: Synthetic Marble

Cooking just seems more elegant when prepared and made on a marble surface. If you aren’t ready to splurge on the actual stone, there are easy ways to renovate an old counter-top with synthetics that wow just like the real thing. Check out this step by step guide on how to redo your surface in as short as one weekend.