ChefDance | Summer Bucket List
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Summer Bucket List


August is here and the summer’s winding down, but dont let this spoil your appetite for fun! There is still plenty of time finish this summers bucket list of activities with friends and family. Our top 4 picks are sure to make this summer one of your favorites!


1. Get Picking

Revel in the summer sun by getting outside and going strawberry picking. You can leisurely soak up some rays while collecting the tastiest, healthiest snacks available.

Pro-tip: Gather your berries and make homemade strawberry shortcake for desert or sprinkle on top of waffles for a delicious breakfast the next morning. You can check out this tasty Strawberry Shortcake recipe here.


2. Lazy River Adventure

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors but a bit nervous that the heat will be too much to handle? Rev up the car and head to the nearest creek to cool off with a river tube cruise. Pack a picnic lunch if you’re bringing the family or a beer cooler if you’re going with friends.

Don’t forget to double check this helpful check list before heading out!.

3. Show Someone You Care

Whether you have a child away at camp, parents that live upstate or just someone you haven’t seen for a while, making a care-package is a fun way to surprise an important person in your life. Collect items and goodies that you know your recipient will love, write a nice note and send away.

Pro-tip: Always have a theme and stick to it. Your son’s a big race car fan? Stuff the box with toy cars, checkered flags and racing magazines. A theme gives a personal touch that’s fun to create and shows them you care!

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, definitely look through this Pinterest board for creative care package ideas.

4. Backyard Movie-Night

Want to take advantage of the cool summer nights but don’t want the hassle of traveling somewhere? Why not have a movie night in your backyard! Affordable projectors are easy to find and most can hook up to your electronic devices seamlessly. So set up on a screen or wall, get the popcorn popping and invite neighbors for a summer night to remember.

So what are you waiting for?This summer sun won’t last forever, so it’s time create your summer bucket list and get the most from the season’s end.