ChefDance | No One Likes It When You Are Stuck In The Kitchen
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No One Likes It When You Are Stuck In The Kitchen


Preparation is the key to great dinner presentation. It can also impact how much time you’re able to devote to your guests. So, lets talk about presentation and how important this is as your primary duty as host; being available to talk and connect with your guests.

Your Guests Deserve Your Company

Dinner parties with friends and family are always memorable, but what if you could create a dinner party that everyone will be talking about for months? It’s like that old saying, “First impressions are lasting impressions.” So, let’s dazzle your guest with a dinner party they will never forget.

Some Simple Tips:

Presentation at a dinner party has everything to do with how well you prepare and present yourself, the meal to come and especially the mood. If you take a little time for an early prep, you’ll soon be having fun and chatting it up with guests in no time at all!

1. Arranging the Food:Even if you ordered in, transfer each dish into a nice bowl or platter. Matching or themed dishware is even better! Special Events guru and ChefDance contributor, Young Song Martin also suggests using linens as table runners as well as adding your own personal touch to dishware where possible.

2. Step Up Your Garnish Game: Grab some lettuce leaves to put on the bottoms of the platter or dice up some cucumbers or carrots into round thin slices for decoration. For bowl dishes, try topping with a few engraved radishes. Pinterest offers endless quick and wonderful ideas on how to finesse the average platter.

3. Set the Mood & Theme:Try creating a fun theme where everyone can participate. For example, you can take things up a notch byplanning your very own mystery dinner, where each guest has a role and responsibility to solve an important riddle by night’s end. You can imagine how candles or runway lights set the mood for this event!

4. Themed Cocktails:Try not to make it a completely dry affair!Spend 5 minutes researching cocktails that are tailored for the theme of your party and guests tastes. Founder of the widely popularYouTube series Bartending Bootcamp and ChefDance Expert Contributor,Steve Calabro, has great tips on how this all should go down smoothly.

These are just a few simple suggestions to enhance your next dinner party. Your guests will say how elegant or fun it was and will be sure to love all your personal touches. Best of all, you’ll love you being part of the fun instead of being locked away in the kitchen!