ChefDance | Your Next Road Trip Adventure Awaits
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Your Next Road Trip Adventure Awaits

RoadTripAs the summer winds down we thought a great way to send off the season would be to hit the road with a couple of friends and have an end of summer road trip.A road trip can be as short as a weekend getaway or a full cross country adventure, but no matter how long your time on the open road is, we’ve got some quick tips to make it and an adventure to remember.


It’s The Journey Not The Destination!


After you’ve decided how long your trip will be (and who’s car you’re using) the next crucial step is choosing a destination. The perfect road trip destination is one that takes you away from familiar surroundings. If you live in the city its great to be able to drive through wooded areas and if your from a rural area pick your favorite metropolis to head off to. Make sure you plan your route accordingly beforehand so that you have time to take the scenic route!
Tips For Eating On The Road
– When choosing your route try toorganizeand schedule stops around eating. Zagat guides are easy to pick up and are great ways to find restaurants on the way.
– Bring a small cooler, pack with snacks, and throw it in the back! Eating healthy snack can give you the energy to drive through the night, so we recommend bringing: nuts, trail-mix, fruit drinks cheese and crackers and yogurt.
– If you’re in a jam in unfamiliar territory, apps like Yelp can easily help you on route to the food you crave.
Games, Games, Games!
Nothing passes time on the long stretches of your road trip than a board-less, card-less game with your fellow trip companion(s). “I spy”, and “licensee-plate bingo” are classics, but if your having trouble coming up with new ones definitely check out these fun game ideas!
So what are you waiting for!? Get those wheels spinning and go plan your next adventure!
Got Kids?
Bringing the kids? We’ve got you covered with these essential tips for engaging the whole family and keeping the kids happy on the road:
– Keep the whole family engaged by playing”Family Trivia.” Ask the kids trivia questions about family members and their histories. This game is a great way to share your favorite family stories and wild adventures.
– If you’re looking for a cheap, fun way to entertain children think about buying a package of pipe cleaners in assorted colors from any craft store. Encourage them to get creative and soon your backseat will be full of necklaces, swords, bracelets, towers and dinosaurs!
– Cleaning pro-tip:always bring along a box of denture cleanser tablets. They are great for cleaning pacifiers, baby spoons, sippy cup lids, and anything else that is hard to sterilize on the road. Just fill a glass with warm water, drop in the item, and pop in a tablet. You’ll be good to go in five minutes.
-If your energy is running low make sure your phone or mp3 player is preloaded with family friendly entertainment that will entertain the entire crew. Check outStorynoryfor great free stories for everyone.