ChefDance | Create Your Own White Night!
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Create Your Own White Night!

CD-FB-whiteThe dog days of summer are upon us and we thought a great way to celebrate this year would be to throw an all white party. Lighter colors look cool and refreshing in the summer sun, not to mention a great all-white outfit looks stylish! We know planning this type of get together can be difficult, so we’ve put together some simple suggestions and tips on how to make your party light up the night.

First Things First!
Invitations are a fun way to get everyone on the same page before the party starts. All white invitations are perfect for setting the tone so make sure you specify a dress code, whether it’s casual, dressy casual, semi-formal or formal. Remember, the time of the party should dictate how guests dress. An afternoon get together should be fairly casual, while anything in the evening should be semi-formal.
Set the scene
Set your party in flashing white from head to toe, everything from streamers to rugs and tablecloth should be gleeming white.Decorate your table with white flower centerpieces white place cards, place mats, napkins and plates.
White wining & dining:
Naturally, food and drink served at your white party should be light and white. White cheese plates are a delicious starter (don’t be afraid to include some colorful fruits to really make the dish pop!) and your favorite chicken recipe should excite guests for the main course. Desert is where you can really shine! White chocolate covered strawberries are a fan favorite as are coconut cakes, strawberry shortcakes and gourmet vanilla ice cream. For drinks we suggest white wine and champagne, but feel free to spice things up with white spirit cocktails and maybe a pia colada for fun! Other crowd pleasers include a pitcher of fruity White Sangria and a large bowl of Whiskey┬áPunch!
Don’t forget!
– Want your party to shine? Clear glasses and sterling silverware will give your party a crisp and clean shimmer to your party.
– Make sure you give your guests an example of what you mean when specifying your dress code, including what is acceptable and what isn’t.
Host’s can make a (colorful) splash!
Its your party, chose your style! The fun of having an all white party is that the host can wear whatever they want. Turn heads with your entrance by wearing splashy colors in your party outfit to truly shine on the big night.