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Watch Like a Brazillian

Brigadeiro a brazilian sweet







With the World Cup in full swing, we thought it would be fun to seek out some game inspired snacks to enjoy while you kick back with friends for the next big match. Check out these three delicious treats that show off the exotic flavors of the host country, Brazil!


This popular street food is being devoured by the excited masses at the game, so why not enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. These battered and fried chicken delights are simple to make and go great with a cold beer! Use the recipehere and enjoy.


For the Futbol fan with a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with this tasty snack. Brigadeiro balls are creamy chocolate balls with a soft interior and a rich sweetness that rivals holding up the cup itself. Check out this simple recipe and your guests will be in for a treat, and don’t forget our beer pairing guide to find the perfect match for it’s rich chocolate flavor.


Is time running out until kickoff? We have you covered with a simple and delicious Brazilian sandwich that can be prepared in minutes. The Bauru sandwich is a Brazilian favorite roast beef sandwich. Just gather up your finest cheese, roast beef, tomatoes and bread and you’ll be cheering on your favorite team with stomachs full! Try our favorite take on the classic sandwich here.

Just add few cold beers with these Brazilian specialties and your friends will feel as though they’re at the game!