ChefDance | Sipping Summer Brews!
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Sipping Summer Brews!

CD-FB-BeerPairings(1)Wine can be intimidating and, lets be honest, pronouncing the various names can be a bit of a struggle. So what better way to escape the heat then by cracking open a crisp summer brew.


Gone are the days of bland and watery light beers. Craftand micro-breweries are popping up left right and offer sophisticated flavors that can excite even the toughestconnoisseur. The good news is that educating yourself on beer has never been easier! Numerous blogs and articles are being written on the finer points of the craft daily, plus its an easy and fun way to impress your friends .


Beer compliments more than just your average burger or Buffalo wings, so we’ve put together some of our beer pairing essential tips for your next summer meal:


When considering pairing beer you must focus on the three main elements of beer flavor – malt, hops and yeast.


Malt – Characterized by its sweetness, beers heavy in malt contain strong chocolate or coffee notes. If you’re worried that a malty beer might be too heavy for the summer season, fear not! Their full, robust flavor pairs well with grilled meats and are great for your next barbeque.


Hops – Generally, hops are used to flavor your beer and provide a wide variety of flavors options from spicy to bitter, floral or fruity. This versatility can give you a lot of options to choose depending on what course you plan on serving; spicy pairs well with red meats whereas a more floral or fruity flavor pairs best with light vegetables.


Yeast – American wheat beers, Belgian brews and German hefeweizens tend to have stronger yeast flavors and are great with lighter foods, like salads and seafood, but also pair great with pizza as well.


So what are you waiting for? Jump on the beer bandwagon and enjoy the ride!