ChefDance | Sashay into Spring with a Sweet & Savory Brunch
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Sashay into Spring with a Sweet & Savory Brunch


The great thing about brunch is the expectation of a relaxed get-together. At brunch, getting up for seconds or thirds is not only allowed, but encouraged. With the menu and time frame spanning broadly from breakfast through lunch, early birds and sleepyheads alike can come together in harmony to feast on their favorite foods. With a little planning and set-up, you welcome spring and your guests to a leisurely gathering that feels a bit like an open house.

Waffle Station:
With the proliferation of waffle irons at every price point, this empty canvas can be personalized for the biggest sweet tooth, the crunchy-granola type or the traditionalist!

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In addition to the coffee, tea and juice options consider choosing a signature drink for your gathering. We love Martha Stewarts list of ideas and her additional tips for pairing with other brunch favorites See the list here.

Add a splash of teal or hot pink to your pastel palette

Use real eggs, grass and vegetables paired with nests,
terracotta pots and watering cans

Bunnies & Carrots Theme Click Here

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