Last Minute Independence Day Bash!


Having a last minute gathering for America’s birthday and want to celebrate in style? Being able to throw an impromptu party with elegance is all about having a few basic items on hand and a few go-to recipes.

Set the Scene for Celebration:

  • Invest in a set of basic wine glasses and decanters that way everyone can watch the fireworks with a drink in hand.
  • Basic white porcelain plates that come stacked on their own handy rack work for tapas and desserts. Don’t be afraid to include some red, white, and blue 4th of July flair as well!
  • Tie it all together by presenting your guests drinks and snacks on a snazzy tray with Independence Day style.

To add a touch of elegance to your get-together, here are a few simple tips:

  • Serve coffee made in a French Press with quality beans that have been well-kept in the freezer. This way everyone can stay alert and excited for the late night spectacle!
  • To please the non-coffee fans, brew a pot of tea with loose tea leaves served in funky teapot with American inspired cups.
  • Finally, there’s nothing better on a summer day than a fine wine, so always have a few bottles on hand. It’s Independence Day so definitely go American!

Top 10 July 4th Must-Haves
Stock up on these staples and you’ll have gourmet nibbles at your fingertips:

1. Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashews & Hazelnuts)
2. Assorted Crackers, Baked Flatbreads or Pita Chips
3. Olives
4. Pesto
5. Good Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
6. Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
7. Sun-Dried Tomatoes Packed in Olive Oil
8. Flavored Vinegars including a Good Quality Balsamic
9. Jams, Jellies & Fruit Preserves
10. Dark Chocolate

To help in this last minute ordeal, we have assembled an Independence Day party pack stocked with entertaining essentials suitable for an elegant party of up to 15. Order from Amazon before 6PM ET today and get it by tomorrow, July 3rd for less than $100! This excludes shipping fees and taxes.

Item Price Total Items Inside Suggested Quantity to Buy TOTAL
Stars and Flags Mini Cascade Centerpiece $ 4.00




White Chinet Classic Dinner Plates (9.5″) $ 7.00




Red Napkins $ 2.69




Blue Napkins $ 3.60




Red Serving Tray $ 5.99




Blue Serving Tray $ 5.99




Carnival Wine Glass Set $ 18.35




Total 12


Last minute is no problem for your July 4th plans, just pair these staples with fresh cheeses, fruit, vegetables and you have the makings for a world-class affair. Relax and enjoy the fireworks!



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